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The Barbican multi-arts & conference venue

Energy savings on show at the Barbican

Why it is interesting: The Barbican is Europe’s largest multi-arts and conference venue, presenting a diverse range of art, music, theatre, dance, film and creative learning events, it is also the home of the London Symphony Orchestra. Such complex sites bring complex challenges. This Case Study looks at how powerPerfector meets these challenges.


Celtic Manor Resort

Newport’s ‘green’ greens

Why it is interesting: Few sporting events capture the imagination in the same way as the Ryder Cup – steeped in history and loved by golfers on both sides of the Atlantic. With a television audience of 750 million, it is the third largest event after the Olympics and the World Cup. For those hosting the event, the eyes of the world are certainly looking in. As such, the demands on the site and its environmental footprint are staggering. So how did the resort manage to hold the greenest Ryder Cup ever?


Westminster Abbey

Securing the future at an historic building

Why it is interesting: Having played an integral part in the past, our historic buildings now have modern day problems, such as the need for energy conservation and carbon emissions targets. This case study demonstrates how powerPerfector works with historically important and protected buildings to ensure that the integrity of the building is maintained whilst environmental improvements are put in place.


The National Portrait Gallery

Annual saving of £28,645

Why it is interesting: The National Portrait Gallery specialises in displaying portraits of historically important British people. Since it was founded in 1856 its collection of portraits has grown to be the most extensive in the world. The site at St Martin’s Place near Trafalgar Square houses a significant proportion of these, although many reside in other locations around the UK, including in a number of houses managed by the National Trust. The Gallery attracts nearly 2 million visitors a year.

Annual Savings: kWh: 12% | CO2: 207,769kg | £28,645

Historic Royal Palaces

Tower Of London

Why it is interesting: With its important role in British history, the Tower of London has a natural draw for tourists, and is the most popular paid-for attraction in the UK. It’s a multi-faceted site with museum space, retail, offices, residential and religious facilities. Energy efficiency is a priority at the Tower but they also wanted a solution with a long lifecycle with minimal physical impact to their infrastructure. Voltage Power Optimisation was identified as a means to satisfy these requirements. After evaluation, two 830kVA powerPerfector units were installed (the Tower is run from two supplies and the electrical load for the site is split between them).

Annual Savings: kWh: 11% | CO2: 168,000kg | £26,500

Savings Reports

• Abercynon Sports Hall

(Download - 675KB)

• Cymmer Swimming Pool

(Download - 435KB)

• Edenbridge Leisure Centre

(Download - 920KB)

• Fitness First

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• Hertsmere Leisure

(Download - 1.8MB)

• Crow Wood Leisure

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• Roko Health Club

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*The greengauge represents the aggregate savings of powerPerfector installations in the UK, Ireland, Cyprus and Denmark. Savings correct at the time of installation using either IPMVP savings analysis or reasonable estimates, where savings analysis was not possible. Actual savings may change over time for example due to energy pricing, occupancy, equipment, rates, building re-purposing and further energy efficiency measures.

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