News Archive 2010

News archive 2010

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powerPerfector gains BS EN 16001. (Download PDF)

NHS saving 11.6%. (Download PDF)

Policy for saving. (Download PDF)

Public sector achieving great savings. (Download PDF)

WOW Awards release DVD. (Download PDF)

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Jamie Buchanan appointed Chief Operating Officer. (Download PDF)

Royal visit to school's green technology. (Download PDF)

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CRC to affect 30,000 organisations. (Download PDF)

powerPerfector at Millennium Stadium. (Download PDF)

powerPerfector sponsors Isle of Man Energy Expo. (Download PDF) 

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Energy champion at Caledonian Brewery. (Download PDF)

Energy savings for World Savers. (Download PDF)

Providing valuable savings to the NHS. (Download PDF)

Sustainability Live. (Download PDF)

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£50 million saved for our clients. (Download PDF)

Applauding Nottingham Playhouse. (Download PDF)

Dakota Forth Bridge Hotel - optimised. (Download PDF)

powerPerfector installed at York College. (Download PDF)

powerPerfector delivering results for Ofgem. (Download PDF)

Tesco Ireland going green. (Download PDF)

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powerPerfector named National Business Awards finalist. (Download PDF)

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National Library of Scotland to save £18,000. (Download PDF)

Team Lynch secure powerPerfector golf challenge. (Download PDF)

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VPO trademark awarded to powerPerfector. (Download PDF)

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Double award delight for powerPerfector. (Download PDF)

powerPerfector are the Green business award winners 2010. (Download PDF)

powerPerfector uses brains over brine. (Download PDF)

We've got the world looking in. (Download PDF)



*The greengauge represents the aggregate savings of powerPerfector installations in the UK, Ireland, Cyprus and Denmark. Savings correct at the time of installation using either IPMVP savings analysis or reasonable estimates, where savings analysis was not possible. Actual savings may change over time for example due to energy pricing, occupancy, equipment, rates, building re-purposing and further energy efficiency measures.

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