Working with powerPerfector's dedicated partner team can generate revenue for your organisation and help your clients meet their carbon and cost reduction goals. 

Don't just take our word for it...

"we're pleased to offer our customers yet another way of helping them to manage their energy more efficiently - and reduce their bills"

Laurent Mineau, Manager of B2B Energy Services

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Sometimes one individual can motivate an entire organisation. The importance of energy saving and carbon reduction is impossible to overstate and yet still, for many, it’s barely on the agenda. If you are a champion of these issues, we can give you the support you need, authoritative case studies and other literature.

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The benefits of being a powerPerfector partner include:


  •  You are working with the market leader for Voltage Optimisation technology

  •  The recommendations you make to your clients are based on a track record of savings and 100% reliability

  •  We work with some of the UK’s most demanding companies – we deliver on your clients’ targets

  •  Our performance guarantee underwrites the savings commitments you can make to your clients

Our Service

  • An individual account manager committed to you and your clients

  • Management support – reports for you to track progress on your clients

  • Marketing support – materials specific to your clients and their industry

  • Technical support – expert advice on hand for technical queries

  • Internal training for your teams to make them powerPerfector proficient

Working with powerPerfector is a partnership with mutual benefit. We value the fact that you are a trusted resource for your customers and that your advice counts. Should you want to hear more, please feel free to contact us to discuss the benefits of becoming a powerPerfector partner.



*The greengauge represents the aggregate savings of powerPerfector installations in the UK, Ireland, Cyprus and Denmark. Savings correct at the time of installation using either IPMVP savings analysis or reasonable estimates, where savings analysis was not possible. Actual savings may change over time for example due to energy pricing, occupancy, equipment, rates, building re-purposing and further energy efficiency measures.

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