We would like to introduce you to the our VPO® Demonstration Facility provided by DPS (Scotland) and located in Glenrothes, Fife.

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“The weekend involved a full shutdown of the electrical services in conjunction with EDF Energy. All systems installed are operating efficiently and we have no reported operational problems.” Mike Smith, Regional Technical Manager, MITIE Engineering
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What could Voltage Power Optimisation (VPO) Save You?

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Thank you for taking an interest in our new VPO® Test Facility. The Facility can simulate your building's load to demonstrate the savings that you can achieve through VPO®.

Our technology enables the reduction and stabilisation of voltage coming in to your premises and thereby improves power quality. These improvements impact considerably on the consumption of power (reducing power bills by 10.4% on average in the UK), efficiency of equipment, CO2 emissions, power factor and harmonics along with a number of other benefits.

If you want to learn more, this Demo Facility will allow you to see the technology working in real time set up to accommodate your specific building. It will also give you the opportunity to discuss any aspect of the project including our new interest free financing.

The Facility is capable of introducing the different loads that are on your site for example:

This is an accurate and effective way of demonstrating the efficiency of Voltage Optimisation and the savings achievable within your business.

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The VPO® DPS (Scotland) Test Facility: Glenrothes, Fife

*The greengauge represents the aggregate savings of powerPerfector installations in the UK, Ireland, Cyprus and Denmark. Savings correct at the time of installation using either IPMVP savings analysis or reasonable estimates, where savings analysis was not possible. Actual savings may change over time for example due to energy pricing, occupancy, equipment, rates, building re-purposing and further energy efficiency measures.

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