Why VPO®?
VPO® guarantees energy, cost and carbon savings by efficiently optimising a building’s electrical supply. This allows equipment to operate more efficiently and consume less energy.

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“When comparing powerPerfector’s technology and service with others in the voltage management market, you’re not comparing apples with apples, but apples with pears.” Robert J Jones, Energy Manager

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Why VPO®?

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VPO® is not the same as basic voltage optimisation. The additional embedded power quality benefits and unblemished reliability stand it in a class of its own.

Voltage optimisation and voltage reduction are broadly the same thing – simply a reduction in voltage across the site, there is little improvement in power quality and, as a result, this is reflected in lower savings and lower pricing.

Whilst voltage optimisation products will save some money they under-perform compared to VPO® which also improves power quality and protects against common transients.

Some technologies simulate powerPerfector’s intrinsic power quality benefits by way of extra components or bolt-ons.

As a rule of thumb, the fewer points of failure the better. Beware of over complicated solutions with multiple different components. If it requires fan cooling it is not efficient; if it has moving parts, be careful as these are a failure point. If a bypass is recommended – why? Might it fail?

An increasing number of electrical phenomena adversely affect and degrade your equipment and, in the case of power spikes, can cause catastrophic damage. You may never have experienced these, but such spikes are on the increase and will become more common as the UK increasingly adopts more sustainable energy sources. A powerPerfector unit will protect you from these spikes.

Why do you need to optimise your supply?

Electrical equipment (such as motors, HVAC and lighting) performs inefficiently when exposed to excessive voltage and poor power quality. Take a normal 230V rated lamp – when run at 240V, it will fail after 550 hours instead of 1000, drawing nine per cent more energy. Now imagine that problem spread across an entire site, with every single component failing faster and wasting energy. That’s expensive and can be corrected with VPO®.

Voltage Power Optimisation cuts your energy use by up to 15%, reduces carbon emissions by up to 15%, your maximum demand by up to 10% and prolongs the life and reliability of all equipment in your premises that runs on electricity - from a £500 laptop and HVAC to a £1m lathe or printer.

Guaranteed Savings

powerPerfector provides a free evaluation of the costs and benefits of VPO® to your site. We use IPMVP for all of our savings analysis. We guarantee the return on investment our VPO® technology will deliver, removing any risk for you. It’s a guarantee we are committed to honouring.

*The greengauge represents the aggregate savings of powerPerfector installations in the UK, Ireland, Cyprus and Denmark. Savings correct at the time of installation using either IPMVP savings analysis or reasonable estimates, where savings analysis was not possible. Actual savings may change over time for example due to energy pricing, occupancy, equipment, rates, building re-purposing and further energy efficiency measures.

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