Barchester Healthcare


Barchester Healthcare is now one of the biggest independent care providers in the UK. Barchester was originally created to provide high-quality nursing care and hospitality to older people but their expertise and ability to offer support has expanded significantly since its foundation in 1992. They now offer services to 11,000 people around the UK in an impressive variety of quality homes.

The Problem

powerPerfector first worked with Barchester Healthcare in 2011 when powerPerfector units were installed to address power quality issues. We were therefore delighted to be asked to return and assist in the on-going efficiency programme with this healthcare provider.

Our Solution

Following our earlier successes with Barchester and after a competitive market comparison, powerPerfector was selected over the competition because of its unique robustness, proven track record and comprehensive analysis of the savings to an independent standard.

The Results

Half-hourly electricity consumption data from the utility meters of the sites has been used for the analysis of energy savings achieved by the powerPerfector installations. For each site, the aim is to establish an expected level of consumption, based on historic consumption trends, against which to compare actual levels of consumption observed following the installation.

This latest programme, which took place during July 2014, involved the installation of powerPerfector units in new sites from County Durham down to Cornwall. Excellent savings have been delivered across the five properties averaging 8.4% representing £14,983 per annum, further sites are now being considered.

The Overview

  • 8.4% kWh kWh Saved
  • 88,500 CO₂kg CO2kg Saved
  • £14,983 Saved

“The powerPerfector project has performed better than expected with substantial electricity savings across all 5 sites. I doubted that the units would deliver the projected savings but the reality was as predicted. The overall package of guaranteed, underwritten savings together with long warranty period provided a level of confidence as did the installation partners of powerPerfector. Often project success can be difficult to measure but powerPerfector’s use of independent consultants provided the sort of data and measurement criteria that should be used on all energy investments.Overall I would recommend the technology to other care groups as part of a wider, group energy saving plan.”

Ben Collard, Energy & Environment Manager
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