Bidvest Foodservice


Food distribution company Bidvest Foodservice (formerly 3663) have an industry reputation for leading the way on sustainability issues and have been committed to this philosophy for over 15 years. They achieved ISO 14001 certification in 2003 and for the past four years have exceeded their targets for reducing carbon emissions.

The Problem

As one of the country’s leading wholesale food and logistics companies, Bidvest has a large estate with heavy energy consumption and tough emissions legislation targets.

Our Solution

VPO® has been firmly adopted by Bidvest and installed at 17 sites across its estate. This continuous investment in energy efficiency is paying dividends as Bidvest was the recipient of the Environment Award at the 2011 Motor Transport Awards.

The types of electrical loads at Bidvest are well suited to Voltage Power Optimisation. The equipment used for warehousing and refrigeration see good savings as most lighting, air conditioning and chiller units are inductive loads, whilst the long operational hours increase the level of savings.

The powerPerfector reduces the voltage ‘pressure’ on equipment. As a result, electronic equipment and motors will be subject to reduced wear and tear and an improved lifespan. The financial benefits of not replacing equipment are difficult to quantify, but anecdotally our clients suggest a maintenance spend reduction of 10 per cent is not uncommon.

The technology’s power conditioning benefits mean that operations at Bidvest sites are better protected than before the installation.

The Results

The average saving across the 17 sites equates to 8.5 per cent. Having exceeded expectations, the company is now looking at further opportunities with powerPerfector.

By carefully and comprehensively evaluating powerPerfector’s VPO® solution, Bidvest were able to invest in their whole estate and are now seeing the benefits not only in financial or carbon terms but also in a secure electrical supply.

The Overview

  • 2,768,777 kWh Saved
  • 1,519,407 CO2kg Saved
  • £186,714 Saved

“Not only does powerPerfector supply excellent, effective energy efficiency technology, it also offers an outstanding service experience. The quality of the engineering has been first class, with a large number of units installed swiftly and painlessly with no disruption to day-to-day operations.”

Claire Bodsworth, Property and Environment Manager

“The company’s superb reliability record gave us confidence that, even though the technology is installed in such a critical part of our operations, we were doing so with little risk. In the current economic climate, it is hard to fault a technology that gives such immediate savings with the security of a guarantee.”

Gary Cox, Head of Property Management

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