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The National Laboratory Service (NLS) is a business unit of the Environment Agency and has been for over 20 years. Operating out of four laboratories across England, the NLS provides analytical solutions to air, water and soil pollution problems.

Over 520,000 samples are tested by the NLS every year. These samples are tested for 100s of manmade substances through chemical analysis and DNA techniques. Through the services provided to commercial customers. the Starcross team help with national and international environmental issues.

The Problem

Starcross are always looking for new ways to manage and reduce their environmental impact. The site has installed a biomass boiler and two highly efficient oil-fired boilers, which will save the site thousands of litres of oil. To further reduce their CO2 emissions as well as reduce costs, the team looked to powerPerfector for a solution.

Our Solution

A powerPerfector unit was installed at the Starcross site in January 2010 and showed excellent energy savings at an 8% optimisation level. Since this time, powerPerfector technologies have evolved, enabling the site to upgrade their existing powerPerfector unit by retrofitting the powerperfector iQ. The powerPerfector iQ was installed in 2017 to further improve energy savings and protect the site against harmful voltage fluctuations swells by delivering a constant output voltage of 220V, irrespective of the site’s conditions.

The Results

The active three-phase balancing feature resulted in improvements to the operational efficiency of equipment and its lifespan, as the voltages were being delivered within a 0.5V tolerance across each phase.

The powerperfector iQ has achieved a 6.37% saving of its electrical energy which is a 30% improvement in savings, protection against harmful voltage dips and precise output voltage control.

The Overview

  • 70,000 kWh Saved
  • £8,400 Saved

“Since the installation of the powerPerfector and the more recent iQ, Starcross has seen many improvements in savings and improvements across the board. The system integrates well with our own innovations and commitment to creating a successful, sustainable and efficient environment service.”

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