Novotel London City South


The Novotel London City South is part of the Accor Hotels Group. Located south of the River Thames, it is a busy central London hotel featuring 182 bedrooms.

The hotel made a commitment to reduce their energy consumption and in January 2015 powerPerfector installed a 440kVA / 630Amp unit with a 9% optimisation setting at Novotel London City South.

The Problem

Since this original installation powerPerfector technologies have evolved with the introduction of the most advanced electronic voltage control technology available named the ‘iQ’.

Opting to increase their energy consumption in line with the Planet 21 commitment, Novotel London City South opted to upgrade their unit.

Our Solution

In 2017 the powerPerfector unit at this site was upgraded with an iQ to provide the following benefits:

Improved savings: Existing powerPerfector savings are improved by up to 30%.

Security of supply: The site is protected against harmful voltage dips, sags, intervals and swell.

Improved site efficiency: Highly stable voltage supply and phase voltage imbalance corrected.

The Results

The powerPerfector iQ is saving the site 9% of its electrical usage and perhaps more at times of higher load.

The iQ upgrade has afforded the site greater functionality including the option to take the unit in and out of line.

Other benefits include:

  • Existing powerPerfector savings are improved by up to 30%
  • Voltage instability and fluctuations are eliminated
  • Site equipment benefits from a highly stable voltage
  • Reacts to supply voltage changes within 250ms
  • Equipment efficiency is maximised due to active 3 phase balancing
  • The site is protected against harmful voltage dips, sags, intervals and swells
  • Precise output voltage control is provided across the whole site
  • Wi-Fi remote monitoring & intelligent control

The Overview

  • 116,058 kWh Saved
  • 62,857 CO2kg Saved
  • £12,715 Saved

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