Stockport Homes


Stockport Homes Group was formed in 2005, to manage housing stock across Stockport on behalf of Stockport Council.

The group is committed to continually improving its environmental impact through more sustainable business practice as well as providing energy-efficient homes for their customers. Initiatives range from waste and water management through to pollution prevention and carbon management.

The group have so far installed biomass heating systems for 2,174 homes as well as diverting 100% of their waste from landfill. Stockport Homes have also set up the Energy Advice Team who assist their customers and staff with any energy issues to improve their carbon footprint.

The Problem

powerPerfector units were successfully installed in 27 high rise housing blocks owned by Stockport Homes in 2012 with an average energy saving of nearly 12%.

The group was keen to install the technology within their new purpose-built headquarters but were concerned that the technology may not be suitable.  Situated on Edwards Street, Stockport, the building boasts a range of energy conservation measures and was already very energy efficient, leaving them to wonder whether a powerPerfector unit could produce the results they had seen across their high rise housing blocks.

Our Solution

A powerPerfector unit was installed in 2019 after an in-depth assessment which showed that the building would experience many benefits from the technology. Whilst the site already had energy conservation measures in place, the powerPerfector unit could remedy other issues experienced within the building such as improving the lifespan of equipment and securing the electricity supply.

The Results

The powerPerfector installation was a huge success producing savings of 11% kWh equating to an annual saving of £8,800.

The Overview

  • 83,831 kWh Saved
  • £8,800 Saved

We were extremely pleased with the results.
Nicholas Wilson, Environmental Project Co-Ordinator, Property Maintenance Services