Savage Haulage


Savage Haulage specialises in the transportation of general and refrigerated goods as well as offering cold storage facilities. Savage Haulage has been trading since 1958 covering the UK and Europe on a daily basis.

The Problem

Cold storage and logistics is an industry associated with high energy use and high carbon emissions. When Savage Haulage Ltd. approached us to help curb energy bills in excess of £200,000 a year, we worked with them to find an appropriate financial solution.

Our Solution

powerPerfector is an ‘approved asset’ by a number of leading banks and finance companies – this is testament to its build quality, lifecycle and anticipated resale value.

Having received a grant from Rev Active, a local development agency working to reduce business wastage and inefficiency along the A11 corridor in Norfolk, we were able to source the remainder of capital from one of our funding partners.

Three options were made available to Savage Haulage which allowed for varying terms of repayment.


The Results

The company chose a shorter term lease which repays the loan faster with larger repayments, providing the best value over the long term (Option C).

The payments have been structured in such a way that the company will still make annual financial savings in excess of £1,700 while the cost of the project is being paid off. At the end of the lease financial savings are expected to rise to around £17,000 a year. These savings will increase as energy prices continue to rise.

The high financial savings are due to the nature of electricity use at Savage Haulage. With a large base load of equipment constantly in operation, the VPO® unit is able to make savings for longer than many sites which don’t operate through the night. Another feature of the electricity use is that the equipment used for cold storage makes up the majority of the load and this equipment will see strong savings. Chillers and air conditioning are ideal for VPO®.

Savage Haulage is changing lanes to a leaner, greener future. Reducing energy use by installing a Voltage Power Optimisation unit means that the company will be better placed to deal with financial and environmental pressures in the future.

The Overview

  • 263,366 kWh Saved
  • 142,639 CO2kg Saved
  • £17,000 Saved

“powerPerfector worked hard to find a solution that suited us financially. The savings are expected to exceed the payments, meaning our powerPerfector installation will actually be a source of additional cash. The service they offer is second to none”

Lew Peppercorn, Cold Store Manager

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