Carbon Trust Loans

How can the Carbon Trust help you?

In the past the Carbon Trust has provided funding for a wide range of sustainability projects. They have helped our clients see the benefits of VPO® without the associated capital cost.

In April 2011 the Carbon Trust partnered with Siemens Financial services to provide a new funding option. The Energy Efficiency Financing loan is available to many kinds of businesses and organisations, from sole traders and partnerships through to large corporates, local authorities and other public sector organisations.

They describe their new system as:

  • Convenient and fast – arranged through your chosen energy efficiency financing supplier
  • Affordable – designed so that financing payments are offset against the anticipated energy savings
  • Flexible – payments can be tailored for individual circumstances
  • Easier budgeting – payments are fixed, not subject to fluctuations in interest rates
  • Maintains existing credit lines
  • Tax efficient – payments may be offset against tax, depending on individual circumstances
  • Future proofed – allows the flexibility to change with your business requirements
  • Conserves working capital – the flexibility to conserve your existing working capital for other business projects

Using our experience, we will work with your organisation to help secure the loan. Our performance guarantee comes with all installations and adds security to the loan repayments. We also use auditors to quantify all our results. This means that you don’t have to take our word for it but can see the savings presented in a full report by a qualified third party.


  • powerPerfector funding

    We have access to a panel of funding sources to ensure the most competitive rates.

  • Salix funding

    The Salix funding option applies only to public sector organisations.

  • Free evaluationprocess

    To begin saving now take a look at the evaluation process.