powerPerfector Funding

How powerPerfector can help you?

We have been working hard to make sure organisations have procurement options, that do not require capital, to allow them to procure and benefit from a VPO® roll out with off balance sheet financing.

Following approval by several lending partners, we are able to offer a variety of funding options.

Our guarantee on savings is underwritten by qualified IPMVP practitioners so that you can feel confident about your decision.

These include:

  • Operational Leasing
  • Capital or Finance leasing
  • A ‘sale and leaseback’
  • Energy Performance Contract (EPC)

Each has different benefits and the choice of which option will depend on what you want. We will work with you to create the best value and in 95% of cases the funding option chosen can be structured so that the costs are entirely covered by the savings made – to make you profits day one. In this way the installation of VPO® can provide a positive effect cash flow from the outset without affecting the balance sheet.

The is NO risk to investing in energy efficiency because we guarantee and prove your savings utilising the International Performance and Measurement Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

The benefits of powerPerfector funding

  • We have access to a panel of funding sources to ensure the most competitive rates and achieve the highest approvals.
  • We can adjust payment frequencies to match billing periods i.e. finance payments can be collected in advance or arrears on a monthly or quarterly basis (potentially even annually as well).
  • We can roll in or fund separately third party equipment.
  • We can look at sale and leaseback of existing products to release cash back into the business where tried and tested savings levels can be used to fund cash generation.
  • We can offer funding solutions outside the UK should a customer have multiple geographies.
  • We have dedicated finance specialists available to discuss the details of the funding options offered.

To read about how powerPerfector facilitated financing for Savage Haulage – click here.

  • Salix funding

    The Salix funding option applies only to public sector organisations.

  • Free evaluationprocess

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