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The whole process is completely confidential, with each and every step giving a clearer image of exactly how powerPerfector can help you, whatever your carbon reduction and energy saving goals.

Nothing in this process is hidden – we use your data, show how we have calculated the savings and most importantly, by the last step, we are in a position to guarantee you the predicted Return on Investment (ROI).

In the extremely unlikely case that we do fall short, we have two possible solutions – rebate your savings to reach the ROI, or uninstall the unit free of charge and refund all monies spent. You can be comfortable knowing that with powerPerfector, you will never pay for a service without value.

Step 1. Send your data

We’ll need the past year’s data on:

  • Each incoming supply’s highest maximum demand.
  • The total kWh consumption on each incoming supply.
  • The current cost of supply or your price per kWh.
Step 2. We send you and estimate

We send you an estimate of the cost and benefits of powerPerfector to your site. If you like the numbers in the estimate, we’ll send you a voltage logger to measure your voltage profile. Once returned, we analyse this profile and send you an amended investment case with your recommended optimisation setting.

Step 3. Survey and proposal

We survey your site(s) and provide a more detailed proposal. This finalises all the precise details involved in the project, so we can confirm your capped costs and estimated savings. We then draft a comprehensive proposal for all the decision makers, clearly demonstrating the potential of a powerPerfector installation. If everyone is happy, we move to the penultimate step.

Step 4. Delivery and installation

At a time to suit you, our highly experienced engineering department arranges and coordinates the installation with one our Approved Contractors. Pre-works are completed prior to the final integration into your supply which normally takes from 2 to 4 hours.

Step 5. IPMVP evaluation

The final part of our energy-saving solution is an external evaluation of powerPerfector’s installed performance. This crucial work is carried out by EEVS Insight, the UK’s leading provider of energy efficiency performance measurement and verification services. This analysis will verify if we have met the guaranteed ROI.

To start the process talk to one of our Sales Managers in your local area.

  • powerPerfector funding

    We have access to a panel of funding sources to ensure the most competitive rates.

  • Salix funding

    The Salix funding option applies only to public sector organisations.

  • Carbon Trust loans

    Energy Efficiency Financing loan  is available to many kinds of businesses and organisations.


Praise And Awards

Client Feedback

Waitrose Logo


powerPerfector provided us with an easy solution for reducing our consumption and making our stores more efficient. The quality of the service we have received has been first class.” – Toby Marlow, Engineering Manager

EDF Energy Logo

EDF Energy

“VPO technology has an unblemished reliability in its many thousands of installations over 16 years and we’re pleased to offer our customers yet another way of helping them to manage their energy more efficiently – and reduce their bills.” – Laurent Mineau, Manager of B2B Energy Services

RAF Brize Norton Logo

RAF Brize Norton

“We knew powerPerfector would work with us from day one and help us achieve our targets. It gave us confidence that, with powerPerfector’s on-going guidance, we would be able to drastically reduce our energy usage.” – Major Leigh Jackson, Facility Manager

National Express Logo

National Express

“The powerPerfector installations were a quick, easy win that has made a significant contribution to our overall carbon targets. We were so impressed with the powerPerfector team, we asked for their advice on a range of other technologies.” – Stuart Parker, Group Property & Environment Director

Ofgem Logo


“Ofgem were suffering from voltage spikes which on numerous occassions damaged the lift controls…in the 1.5 years following the powerPerfector installation there has been no repeat.” – Kim Pivett, Ofgem

Marston's Inns & Taverns

“Marston’s Inns & Taverns opted for powerPerfector above other technologies after a successful trial of two sites in 2010 which saw savings in excess of 9%” – Chris White, Energy Services Advisor

Department Of Energy and Climate Change Logo

Department Of Energy & Climate Change

“The powerPerfector at 3 Whitehall Place is a critical part of our energy reduction strategy, and has helped us to maximise our efficiency and reduce our carbon emissions.” – Jenny McInnes, Building DECC Team


The Barbican

“The savings the units have achieved make this an attractive energy efficiency measure. We are working with powerPerfector to identify other opportunities across the Barbican estate.” – Richard O’Callaghan, Project Manager

Surrey Police Logo

Surrey Police

powerPerfector was a no brainer and has reduced our costs instantly, as well as significantly improving the quality of power at those sites.” – Eunice Mabey, Surrey Police

Bidvest Foodservice

“Not only does powerPerfector supply excellent, effective energy efficiency technology, it also offers an outstanding service experience. The quality of the engineering has been first class.” – Claire Bodsworth, Property and Environment Manager

Kent County Council Logo

Kent County Council

“I am delighted that the powerPerfector is showing real savings. I have identified a simple year on year reduction greater than 9%. I hope that we can use this trial at County Hall to encourage other Council Departments and Schools to consider Voltage Power Optimisation.” – Andy Morgan, Head of Energy Management

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