A decade of trust with new Marston’s agreement

Having first trialled two powerPerfector units in 2010 which exceeded predicted savings, leading pub retailer and independent brewing company Marston’s has since reaped the added benefits of our Voltage Power Optimisation technology. The trust in powerPerfector resulted in over 40 retro-fit solutions, over 60 new build installs and an initial framework agreement securing a further 90 sites. As part of Marston’s growing focus on energy efficiency and meeting carbon emissions targets, powerPerfector technology is now being built in as standard for all Marston new build pubs where voltage levels determine the need, ensuring security of supply and minimal electricity and energy costs from the start of operation. The close customer relationship and nominal installation time are just parts of a process that has been improved over time to ensure a consistent approach and minimum down time and disruption for each pub.

With over five years of secure voltage supply and visible results in both carbon and financial savings, a new framework deal has been agreed to take Marston’s and iESCo into 2020, extending the original agreement by a further 3 years. This will take the number of installations by 2020 to over 250 Marston’s sites, averaging 25 quick and simple installs each year. The energy, financial and security benefits of powerPerfector technology has solidified it as a trusted solution that will continue to support Marston’s energy needs as they head into the next decade.

To understand more, take a look at the case study.