BBP Highlight powerPerfector as Best Practice Case Study

Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) has published a case study focussed on the energy-saving benefits of powerPerfector units installed in office buildings managed by Knight Frank.

BBP aims to provide tools and solutions to overcome the specific challenges faced by commercial property owners in improving the sustainability of their building stock. They have shared a case study from Schroder UK Real Estate Fund who asked Knight Frank to explore the energy-saving opportunities in the buildings managed by them on the Fund’s behalf. Knight Frank is property manager to the buildings and is supported by its dedicated Energy and Sustainability Team.

As part of the project, three voltage optimisation unit were shortlisted, with powerPerfector being the chosen option, including the units history of energy-saving levels, no moving parts and the simplicity and safety of the units installation process.

Units were installed at three of Knight Franks multi-let office buildings with results showing a typical 9%-15% reduction in electricity usage which equates to 273 tonnes annual CO2 savings. In addition, the investment was funded through occupier service charges with a payback period of 2.4 years. Subsequent savings will reduce service charges for occupants in the future.

You can read the full article from BBP here.