Low Carbon Workspaces Introduces £10k Grant for VPO Units

SMEs throughout the Black Country can now take advantage of a new £10,000 grant to help their businesses thanks to Low Carbon Workspaces. To date, nearly £1,000,000 worth of grant funding has been provided to a little under 300 organisations to assist in the application of energy-efficient solutions, funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The grant can be used against energy-saving projects including Voltage Optimisation for which iESCo is an approved supplier under the Low Carbon Workspaces grant.

The £10,000 Voltage Optimisation grant can be applied for if your business spends over £20,000 on energy saving initiatives in April, May and June 2019. In order to qualify, your energy-saving project must result in a carbon saving of 15 tonnes CO2e (0.75 tonnes per £1,000 project cost), which equates to an electricity saving of 52,000 kWh. In addition, the grant must be awarded before the project is installed or paid for, including deposits.

With help from a Low Carbon Workspaces grant, the payback time for a powerPerfector unit is significantly reduced. This leaves you to enjoy the benefits of reduced energy output and a smaller carbon footprint as well as significant savings on your energy bills.

There are a limited number of fifteen £10,000 grants available so we advise getting your application in as quickly as possible. Funding applications are being accepted until 30th June 2019 and the energy efficiency installation requires completion by September 2019. For further information on the grants available please visit the Low Carbon Workspaces website or call us on +44 (0)203 691 1888 to discuss all of your funding options.

SMEs in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and the West Midlands are eligible for an alternative grant of up to £5,000 available for projects over £3,000. Funding is currently only available until September 2019.

Programme Low Carbon Workspaces £10,000 grant Low Carbon Workspaces main grant scheme
Project size Over £20,000 Over £3,000
Maximum grant available £10,000

(15 grants available)

One-third of project costs, up to a max. grant of £5,000

(max. of £2,500 in Buckinghamshire)

Application deadline 30 June 2019 Summer 2019
Installation deadline 30 Sept. 2019 Autumn 2019

If your business isn’t in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire or the West Midlands, don’t worry – there are still funding options available to you and your business. Options include Salix funding and Carbon Trust loans which enable powerPerfector technology to be installed without upfront capital investment. Once installed, the powerPerfector unit is paid for entirely by the savings made.

Get in touch today to see if your area is covered under the scheme and to begin your business’s free, no obligation evaluation service.

All information is correct at the time of publication.