powerPerfector Donate To Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline

IESCO powerPerfector recently donated towards the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline, Island Hosts on the Isle of Wight. The donation helped pay for six children affected by the 1986 disaster, to visit the Isle of Wight on a recuperative break.

Whilst the 1986 disaster is less talked about in the news, the effects of the world’s worst nuclear disaster still affects the lives of those in the surrounding areas.

The Chernobyl Children’s lifeline was set up in 1986 to support families affected by the disaster. The Island Hosts group fundraise to support specific aims – to provide respite trips to over 3,000 children, to provide income for families to buy uncontaminated food, to build laundries in communities and to provide funding for respite camps in Belarus for children too sick to travel.

Following the successful installation of three powerPerfector units at the Isle of Wight College, IESCO powerPerfector were contacted to see if they would like to support the charity. Understanding the aims of the charity IESCO powerPerfector made a donation.

The charity recently sent through photos of this year’s group who benefitted from their fundraising, they looked to have a marvellous time and a holiday to remember. The donation from IESCO powerPerfector allowed the Isle of Wight group to bring over six children from affected areas for a three-week stay. It has been proven that a three to four week stay away from contaminated areas can improve the immune systems of the children and hopefully increase their lifespan.

One of the children on the trip was identified as in urgent need of respite, at the age of just 11 she is helping her disabled mother to care for her disabled siblings, one of whom is unable to walk. This is just one story from one child, there are many more in need of a recuperative break.

The Island Hosts in the Isle of Wight is just one several groups in the UK that make up the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline.

If you would like to join IESCO powerPerfector in making another trip possible for 2018, please click here.