powerPerfector Expand to New London HQ

As of Monday 25th March, iESCo – the technology providers behind powerPerfector – will be operating out of its new headquarters, Evergreen House near to Euston Station in central London. The new office is situated just a ten-minute walk from the previous office on Gray’s Inn Road, by Kings Cross Station.

The relocation follows the successful rollout of the powerPerfector iQ, the fastest, most accurate and precise control technology on the market. In order to accommodate the success of the powerPerfector iQ, a new, dynamic office is needed to serve our expanding customer base and host a growing team.

Greg Martin, Head of UK & International sales comments: “We have outgrown our current base after more than three years, and the new office hub is perfect as it allows us more working space and flexibility to service our clients’ needs with the ever-increasing demand for the product”

The new office will be: IESCO, Evergreen House, Grafton Place, London, NW1 2DX. If you wish to speak to a member of the team, our new telephone number is 0203 691 1888. Service will not be affected during the move and business will continue as usual.