Benefits Of powerPerfector

De-risking your business

Mitigating risk is a fundamental part of running a successful organisation. Without your electricity supply, you are not in business. powerPerfector can mitigate your three highest business risks:

Operational Risk
  • Power quality in the UK is deteriorating because of the increasingly diverse renewable power feeds to Grid supply that disrupt what was a uni-directional power supply and is now multi-directional. This is disrupting power quality by increasing voltage volatility, transients and harmonics in the network.
  • powerPerfector is the only solid state technology that can homogenise this variable power output due to its power conditioning capabilities.
  • Your supply needs this protection as we move to a more diverse power supplied network (wind, solar, micro-generation).

Financial Risk

  • If your building loses its power source or your equipment ceases to work due to supply issues, you are out of business until reliable power is restored. The financial implications are huge.
  • Energy price rises are inevitable. Taking action now to reduce usage, increases bottom line profit and shareholder value.
  • powerPerfector will also reduce your carbon tax and capital replacement costs – further increasing profits.

Reputational Risk

  • Corporate Social Responsibility is now a major boardroom topic. Targets have been set, strategies signed off and budget set aside.
  • Additionally, consider the damage to your reputation if your building is without power, not to mention the huge losses.
Risk is not an option – powerPerfector is your guaranteed protection.

Benefits of powerPerfector


  • powerPerfector technology

    powerPerfector units offer the best in class technology designed specifically for site security and the protection of your electrical equipment.

  • Why use powerPerfector?

    In one stroke you can cut energy consumptions, reduce your costs and emissions, and protect your equipment.

  • powerPerfector process

    We take you through a four step cost and carbon saving process; appraisal, validation, implementation and verification.


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