powerPerfector Process


Send us some basic data for your site(s) so we can prepare a preliminary investment case.

We’ll need the past year’s data on:

  • The maximum demand for each incoming electrical supply
  • The total kWh consumption for each of the incoming supplies
  • The cost of supply, including the Climate Change Levy and your kWh price for the next year

If you like the indicative financial benefits, we will send you a plug-in logger to record your voltage profile for a week, which you return to us for analysis.


We survey your site(s) and provide a more detailed proposal.

We’ll complete:

  • A full load assessment of your equipment on site
  • A site installation proposal

This allows us to confirm the installation costs more precisely and evaluate the savings from your powerPerfector. We send you a comprehensive proposal that outlines the business potential that powerPerfector technology can bring to your organisation.


We then deliver and install your unit(s).

This is arranged:

  • At a time that suits you
  • Generally out of office hours

Our experienced PRINCE2 qualified Project Management team will coordinate the installation with one of our approved installers. Pre-works are completed without disruption to your site and final integration in to your supply normally takes from two to four hours.


We then have your savings verified.

We’ll need one year pre and 3 months post installation data:

  • To evaluate savings on site
  • To demonstrate that we have met your predicted savings

Three months after your installation, we will review your energy use and provide a savings report.

  • powerPerfector technology

    powerPerfector units offer the best in class technology designed specifically for site security and the protection of your electrical equipment.

  • Why use powerPerfector?

    In one stroke you can cut energy consumptions, reduce your costs and emissions, and protect your equipment.

  • Benefits of powerPerfector

    All of our clients are benefiting from the integrated power conditioning and security that our award-winning technology offers.


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