powerPerfector Technology


powerPerfector units offer the best in class technology designed specifically for site security and the protection of your electrical equipment.

powerPerfector’s technology guarantees energy, costs and carbon savings by optimising a building’s electrical supply. This allows electrical equipment to operate more efficiently and consume less energy.

Unique energy saving and security solution
powerPerfector is unique because the power conditioning benefits, such as harmonic attenuation, common transient protection and improved phase balancing, are intrinsic to the technology’s design, without the need for additional components or moving parts.

Greater savings, more benefits and complete reliability
powerPerfector optimisers are manufactured in Europe from high-quality materials to exacting standards and are designed specifically for energy efficiency and power conditioning. Our Power Optimisation units have a 100% ‘NO FAILURE’ record with over 5,000 installations in the UK and tens of thousands of installations worldwide.

powerPerfector units have no moving parts and are maintenance-free, with a manufacturer’s assessed life expectancy of over 100 years.


Introducing Responsive Power Optimisation™

powerPerfector technology has evolved, after a four-year research and development programme, from Voltage Power Optimisation (VPO®) to Responsive Power Optimisation (RPO).

The result is the most advanced and precise electronic control technology for the balancing and stabilisation of three-phase supply voltage to your site available today – the powerPerfector iQ.

RPO is precise, super-fast, voltage stabilisation technology with active three-phase voltage balancing which simultaneously suppresses harmonics and reduces reactive power to improve power factor and deliver the highest security and quality of power to a building.

Why is it essential in today’s world?

The massive growth in embedded generation has destabilised supply voltage and increased the level of transients, harmonics, and three-phase supply imbalance – all of which need correction or suppression for optimum equipment operation.


  • powerPerfector

    The powerPerfector optimiser alters the incoming supply voltage at a fixed ratio, and is suitable for most buildings. Optimisation settings are referenced from the logging of your building’s incoming voltage supply in order to maximise your savings.

  • powerPerfector iQ

    The powerPerfector iQ is the fastest, most accurate and precise control technology on the market. The iQ has been designed in response to the increasing risk of greater supply volatility, phase imbalance and increased transients and harmonics due to the explosion of multiple renewable feeds onto the network.

  • Benefits of powerPerfector

    All of our clients are benefiting from the integrated power conditioning and security that our award-winning technology offers.

  • powerPerfector process

    We take you through a four step cost and carbon saving process; appraisal, validation, implementation and verification.


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