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In one stroke you can cut energy consumption, reduce your costs and emissions, and protect your equipment – power conditioning has never been more important or profitable.

Did you know that you could be wasting up to 20 per cent of the energy you pay for?
Around 90 per cent of electricity consumers are wasting energy. Power supplied by the distribution network isn’t at the optimum voltage, so your equipment is being over-supplied with subtle but significant consequences.

Why do you need to optimise your supply?
Electrical equipment (such as motors, HVAC and LED lighting) performs less efficiently when exposed to excessive voltage and poor power quality. For example, take a normal 230V rated lamp – when run at 240V, it will fail after 550 hours instead of 1000, drawing nine per cent more energy. Now imagine that problem spread across an entire site, with every single component failing faster and wasting energy. That’s expensive and will be corrected with our technology.

How else can this help my business?
We all know about the need for Corporate Social Responsibility and meeting carbon targets but less well known is that the power we receive in the UK is not as ‘clean’ as we would like it. Inferior power quality leads to higher maintenance costs and shortened equipment life. VPO® power conditioning prolongs the operational lifespan of resistive and inductive equipment.


  • powerPerfector technology

    powerPerfector units offer the best in class technology designed specifically for site security and the protection of your electrical equipment.

  • Benefits of powerPerfector

    All of our clients are benefiting from the integrated power conditioning and security that our award-winning technology offers.

  • powerPerfector process

    We take you through a four step cost and carbon saving process; appraisal, validation, implementation and verification.


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