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powerPerfector was conceived, designed and manufactured with energy efficiency in mind. It is a completely passive unit with no moving parts. It is made from ultra-high-purity materials which give it a 99.94% efficiency at peak loading.

It has a wide range of optimisations; from 4-11% and should you need a more drastic drop, we can have units custom-built to your specifications.

Being so efficient, powerPerfector units do not require cooling and run barely above room temperature.

Harmonic suppression, improved three-phase balancing and common transient protection are embedded within the unit, without the need for bolt-ons or moving parts, which could be points of failure.


Just as important as the design, though, is the construction of the unit. powerPerfector units are hand built to order and have an enviable 100% reliability record in tens of thousands of installations worldwide. Our absolute commitment to quality is building on a history of engineering excellence.

With VPO® you can fit and forget the technology with absolute confidence that the integrity of your supply will be improved, and your site will be running as efficiently as possible.


pPiQ Installs

Upgrade your existing optimiser to an iQ

powerPerfector technology has evolved, after a four-year research and development programme, from VPO® to RPO (Responsive Power Optimisation). The result is the most advanced and precise electronic control technology for the balancing and stabilisation of three-phase supply voltage to your site available today.

Our new controller – named the “iQ” – can be retrofitted to your installed powerPerfector Optimiser to; increase savings by 30%, improve site security, reduce maintenance, extend equipment life and substantially reduce capital replacement costs.

If you are unsure as to whether you currently have an optimiser installed, contact our friendly team and they will be able to tell you.


Marston's Inns & Taverns

Marston’s first trialled two powerPerfector units in 2010. After exceeding the predicted savings, VPO® has been rapidly installed at 40 of the highest energy consuming pubs across the managed estate. Marston’s recently signed a framework agreement with powerPerfector lasting three years and securing a further 90 sites. Read more here.

Waitrose Logo


As part of the John Lewis Partnership, Waitrose has set targets for a wide range of environmental measures. In April 2010, the first tranche of a rollout of Voltage Power Optimisation began, with 26 stores installing the technology. Having recognised the benefits of VPO® , Waitrose has continued with two further phases to the rollout. Once complete, over 100 Waitrose stores, offices and distribution hubs will be powerPerfected. Read more here.

Southwark Council Logo

Southwark Council

Southwark Council has set a challenging target to reduce carbon emissions in the borough by 80 per cent of current levels by 2050. As part of Southwark Council’s carbon emission reduction commitment, the Council has installed three powerPerfector units – including at a ten storey car park in Peckham. Car parks see some of our most impressive savings. The combination of heavy lighting loads and long operational hours mean a high proportion of the unit’s capacity is used for longer – improving the Return on Investment. Read more here.

Isle of Wight College

Isle of Wight College

The Isle of Wight College utilised Salix funding to install two powerPerfector voltage optimisation units in 2012 as part of a voltage management project.  Whilst the reduction in electricity consumption across the two existing powerPerfector units was originally predicted at 8.5%, records of actual consumption show that they achieved savings of 11% (Sixth Form & LRC) and 17% (J Block). Read more here.

Westminster Abbey

As an operational church, Westminster Abbey is committed to The Church of England’s challenging carbon reduction target of 80% by 2050, with an interim target of 42% by 2020. powerPerfector Voltage Power Optimisation units were installed on the incoming supply for the Blowing Chamber, which circulates air around the Abbey and the Floodlighting Cabinet which, as the name suggests, keeps the Abbey illuminated at night. Read more here.

  • powerPerfector iQ

    The powerPerfector iQ is the fastest, most accurate and precise control technology on the market. The iQ has been designed in response to the increasing risk of greater supply volatility, phase imbalance and increased transients and harmonics due to the explosion of multiple renewable feeds onto the network.

  • Build Quality

    Attention to detail, unique design and build quality mean that hand wound powerPerfector units achieve a peak efficiency of 99.94%.

  • Engineering Excellence

    Installing any technology on the mains incoming supply to your building carries a risk. Our wealth of experience gained over the years has seen us develop industry-leading processes to mitigate risk for clients.

  • Funding Options

    powerPerfector has developed a range of purchasing solutions, so it has never been easier for clients to take control of their carbon footprint and energy spend. powerPerfector is an ‘approved asset’ by a number of leading finance companies – this is a testament to its build quality, lifecycle and anticipated resale value.