Reliable energy saving and security (in a green box!)

This one is a no-brainer. The UK Mains Electricity supply produces an overvoltage which powerPerfector removes at source, to save you money on energy bills, improve your energy security, reduce your carbon footprint and prolong the lifespan of your equipment.

We are the provider of Voltage Power Optimisation (VPO®) - the foundation of every energy efficiency programme.

Financial and carbon saving

5-10% financial
and carbon saving

With electricity prices spiralling and the worsening climate crisis, there has never been a more pressing time to optimise your energy supply.

Guaranteed return

Guaranteed return
on investment

We expertly analyse your supply, accurately predict your saving, and guarantee the results. Typically, your investment will be paid back within two years.

Maintenance costs

Reduce ongoing maintenance costs

Eliminating the overvoltage in your electricity supply reduces unnecessary heat in your equipment, reducing maintenance and extending lifespan.

powerPerfector VPO®
Voltage Power Optimiser

Best-in-class technology for a fixed percentage energy reduction, site security and protection of your infrastructure.

  • 100% reliability record
  • No moving parts
  • Hand-wound components
  • 15-year warranty
  • Expected lifespan over 100 years
powerPerfector VPO

powerPerfector iQ
Interactive Power Optimiser

For fluctuating power profiles, the fastest and most accurate intelligent voltage controller on the market. Works alongside powerPerfector VPO.

  • Increase savings by over 30%
  • Precise voltage stabilisation
  • Super-fast voltage correction
  • Active 3-phase balancing
  • Retrofit to powerPerfector VPO
powerPerfector iQ

Are you feeling the wrath of the energy crisis?
We want to help you and your business through it.

The UK continues to be vulnerable to the limitations of our own power supplies and increasing security of supply issues related to the rise in renewable energy sources and electrification of transportation and yet, ironically, 10% of the electricity produced continues to be wasted. powerPerfector solutions were created to minimise energy waste, cleanse the power quality, in turn optimising your operational processes, protecting your bottom line and reducing your carbon footprint.

What’s the plan? Our low commitment, low risk process

1. Appraisal
The easy first step

Using your energy data, we estimate your potential savings. Simply contact your energy supplier for three basic pieces of information, send them via our online form and we’ll calculate the return on investment.

Do it now!

2. Survey
A free, honest analysis

We survey your site and provide a full proposal, to evaluate the savings more precisely and confirm the installation cost. If your site in not suitable for powerPerfector, we’ll tell you and make recommendations.

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3. Installation
Expert engineering

We understand that your power supply is business critical. Our experienced project managers will coordinate the installation outside working hours to minimise distruption. Final integration takes between two and four hours.

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4. Verification
Demonstrable results

Three months after the installation, we will review your energy use and provide a savings report. We will demonstrate that we have met your predicted savings and confirm your return on investment is on track.


Free energy saving appraisal With three basic pieces of information

1. Annual consumption (kWh)
2. Highest annual demand (kW)
3. Energy price (Pence/kWh)

Call your energy supplier or talk to your energy manager then complete the online form…

Explore our wide range of client case studies

“If companies can find ways of meeting tighter targets on energy usage, and at the same time save money on their own power bills, they could be forgiven for thinking that they have indeed discovered that elusive green grail.”
“EA Technology have come across autotransformers for energy saving, however by comparison the low losses and additional features make the powerPerfector unit unique.”
Russell Benstead Senior Test Engineer, EA Technology
“When it comes to saving money and reducing emissions of CO2 some things are easy and some things are hard. powerPerfector fits in the easy category, and the only question companies have to answer is this: why won’t this technology help my company – right now?”
Jonathon Porritt CBE Founder Director of Forum for the Future
“powerPerfector is saving us money and reducing our carbon emissions by reducing our electricity consumption. After two successful initial installations, we’re now looking at rolling the system out across our estate.”
Phil Creed Group Facilities Director, Creed Foodservice


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