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In 2004 we introduced powerPerfector technology to the U.K. launching the innovative, ground-breaking concept of
VPO® (Voltage Power Optimisation), now widely utilised and trusted by blue chip companies, government bodies,
SME’s and some of the biggest names in energy and climate change.

At the forefront of the voltage optimisation market

In 1999 our founding team came across a unique energy efficiency technology in Japan, that was designed specifically with energy and carbon saving in mind. Being developed for the Japanese market, where earthquakes are common, robustness was a critical. powerPerfector products were designed to withstand the toughest environments to offer protection to electrical infrastructure ensuring security of supply, providing years of safe, reliable operations.

In the initial years cynicism was high, ‘’It’s just an auto-transformer’’. Yet how could a Transformer deliver such significant savings and power quality benefits, whilst running barely warm in operation, no fans required. The most sceptical, converted, following initial proof of concept trials across a comprehensive range of customers. It became understood that if powerPerfector were to be classed as a transformer – it would not be a voltage transformer, but a current transformer.

In the early years savings achievable through powerPerfector ranged from 12 – 25%, not accounting for the soft savings associated with extended equipment life and reduced maintenance costs. Savings of this level were attainable due to the inefficiency of buildings at this time.

powerPerfector technology was recognised as one of a kind, the only player in the market, however over time other electrical equipment providers saw the company’s success and began to shoehorn various technologies into the arena of energy efficiency, giving birth to the Voltage Optimisation market.

In today’s environment the landscape has changed due to significant technolgical advancements focussed on making equipment downstream of the electrical supply more efficient, for example LED lighting, variable speed drives, etc. Thus the savings our technology can deliver are less, however they remain tangible and spiralling energy prices mean that the payback periods we offer even at a very conservative 5% saving level are attractive. With this in mind when forecasting savings we aim to under promise and over deliver.

powerPerfector continues to be the only and specialist provider of Voltage Power Optimisation solutions. The term ‘Power’ is what distinguishes us from others in the market. Since acquiring the manufacturing rights for our units in 2011, we have not modified the design, construction or materials of the VPO. Attention to detail, unique design and build quality mean that hand wound powerPerfector units achieve a peak efficiency of 99.94%. Greater efficiency means greater savings.

Furthermore, whilst positive and necessary, the expansion of renewable energy sources comes with implications to the stability of electrical supply, increased switching on the grid, diminishing power quality. powerPerfector VPO solutions were and continue to be developed to help organisations manage these fundamental and disruptive changes to electrical supply.

It is not just our technology that sets us apart. As a company and team of passionate, committed individuals, we pride ourselves on our great customer relations, expert project delivery, engineering excellence, and proven savings. Our professional ability, dedication and approach has been demonstrated through the successful implementation of multiple roll outs, frameworks, and bespoke installations to suit our customer’s specific requirements. We are privileged to provide award winning technology & services with proven reliability and capability in the field over the last 18 years.

We work across multiple sectors

Our powerPerfector VPO solutions are helping thousands of organisations reduce their energy consumptions,
costs and carbon emissions, whilst protecting their electrical infrastructure and equipment.
Leisure & Tourism
Public Services
Financial Services
Transport & Logistics

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