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For over 50 years Abacus Lighting has been manufacturing and supplying quality lighting and column solutions worldwide. Based in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, both the head office and factory are kept busy on a day-to-day basis.

Abacus has provided lighting and mast solutions to rail depots and superstores through to ports, airports and sports stadia.

Abacus made the decision in November 2015 to install a 440kVA powerPerfector unit at their headquarters and manufacturing base in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. Following the installation, the site saw a drop in consumption of around 9%.

The brief

Extremely high and erratic voltages on site meant that lighting manufacturer was not only consuming much more energy than it needed, but the excessive over-voltage was also causing issues with plant and equipment failing earlier than it would at an optimum 220V.

Abacus agreed to trial the new powerPerfector iQ in June 2016. The powerPerfector iQ installation upgraded the existing fixed unit into a dynamic unit with many new features in addition to the added benefits of Responsive Power Optimisation.

Our solution

The retro-fit installation was completed in under two hours. Once commissioned, the technology eliminated all voltage fluctuations by protecting the site against harmful voltage dips and swells by delivering a constant output voltage of 220V, irrespective of the site’s conditions. With the powerPerfector iQ in place, the site now benefits from the fastest, most accurate and precise control technology on the market.


The results

The active three-phase balancing feature resulted in improvements to the operational efficiency of equipment and its lifespan, as the voltages were being delivered within a 0.5V tolerance across each phase.

The site saw an additional 3.8% kWh savings which represented a 40% improvement since the original installation.

“We are delighted with the increased energy security that the new powerPerfector iQ brings as well as the inceased financial and carbon svaings we are seeing followign the installation of this exciting new technology. Not only are we seeing an excellent return on our investment, but the site is also future-proofed which is a must for any site in 2017 given the challenges that the next few years present in the energy market.”
Camilla Wigmore Operations Director

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